Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Transition and Transformation

I always thought I knew what I wanted to be when I grew up - stability was key.  As I move my life from Pittsburgh to the Detroit area this year I am discovering that my life is more about transitions & transformations than it ever was about stability. One of the main reasons for this late life transition is that I have been involved in a long distance relationship for over 10 years. Now that our separate families have grown up and moved out, we are ready to step up our commitment. Since I was born on a Thursday, I have often reflected on the Mother Goose Monday’s Child Nursery Rhyme that goes: Thursday’s child has far to go – and  here I go, off to Michigan!

My adult life has been clearly marked by many transitions and transformations.
For example, I started out my professional career as an accountant – then transitioned to becoming a banker – then to becoming a corporate manager in treasury & finance – then on to becoming a large corporate organization development consultant, which lead me to my current roles as an executive coach and psychologist. The transition from corporate to clinical was by far the most exciting and demanding journey I have ever taken and also the most rewarding. My passion for wanting to work with people who were struggling while trying to navigate through some of the most troubling waters in their lives is what carried me for over 10 years in pursuit of my doctorate in psychology.

As I ponder the move of my professional life to a Troy-based office, I will be giving up my living space, professional practice and leaving behind a very strong network of wonderful friends, colleagues and co-workers that have been kind and gracious to me these many years. I find it interesting to note that this is a journey in patience, perseverance and the proverbial one-step-at-a-time. The welcoming people of Detroit have embraced me and have been extremely helpful in wanting to see me become successful. I feel they have given so freely and compassionately that it paves my way with courage and confidence.

Of course, no change of this magnitude is without stressors such as starting a new business and wondering how long it will take to get known as a sex therapist and have a steady client base. It was exciting to design, develop and launch a new website – – which highlights the areas in which I can help others.  Another stressor is transitioning my time and energy between the two cities and making effective use of the commuting by listening to new ideas and thoughts on audio. Of course, there is the “new beginnings” of a wonderful relationship going from an infrequent way of being together to sharing our lives in the same house.

The move into this new phase of my life can feel daunting at times; it is nonetheless full of excitement and adventure.  Off I go!

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