Friday, July 8, 2016

The 5 Love Languages


Gary Chapman wrote an amazing and influential book titled – The Five Love Languages.  Ever since I read it, I have applied it both professionally and personally.  I like to think of his methodology as fundamental to being successful in any of your important relationships. 

(Watch an introduction to the 5 Love Languages on my YouTube page!) 

Chapman identified 5 love languages that are essential for any relationship to thrive.  He believed it is vital and crucial to keep each other’s love tank full.  You can liken the tank to the gasoline tank on your vehicle – if you drain it dry – you are going nowhere!  If you empty the love tank in your relationship it stalls and anger and resentment can set in.


Chapman claims each of us has a primary love language that we cannot live without.  He identified them as follows:


·               Words of Affirmation

·               Quality Time

·               Acts of Service

·               Receiving Gifts

·               Physical Touch


He offers a free assessment on his website at if you are not sure.  Take the time and learn your partner’s language your relationship will be the better for it.  Call me if you need help with your relationship and you just don’t know where to turn!



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