Thursday, August 29, 2013

I'm forever yours, faithfully. Journey

I had an awesome opportunity to attend my good friend Shawne Duperon’s media boot camp this past week.  We connected when when she began working on Project: Forgive since I wrote about self-forgiveness in my dissertation.  The focus of media boot camp workshop was to get you feeling comfortable with being uncomfortable.

One of the exercises was to stand as close to a partner as possible and stare into the other [unknown person’s] eyes without saying anything for an unspecified period of time.  For many this exercise was unnerving and yet it was one of the easiest ones for me to complete.  After reflecting on this experience, I decided it would be an excellent opportunity for me to share this with my life partner.

I took the liberty of adapting the exercise by choosing a song to play that spoke to me about our relationship.  My partner and I have been in a long distant relationship going on a little over ten years, so for me the lyrics: "And being apart – Ain’t easy on this love affair – Two strangers learn to fall in love again – I get the joy of rediscovering you – Oh, girl, you stand by me – I’m forever yours – Faithfully!"

It was really hard to look into her eyes without tearing up but I wanted to share an intimate experience with her and develop a practice to keep us connected.  So my challenge for you is to do the same – pick a song, stand close to one another hold hands and say nothing – let your eyes speak the words you struggle sometimes to find…try to make it a daily practice!

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