Monday, December 21, 2015

4 of my top inspirational videos

My Gift to you

4 of my top inspirational videos

This is a time of year that has many mixed reactions for so many people that I thought I would share four of my favorite [warning: tear jerkers – have some Kleenex handy] inspirational videos that I think everyone should see at least once.  To me, these four short little clips capture the essence of all that we are and can be in relationship to those who mean the most to us in life. 

The first clip is actually a commercial and it shows the relationship between a father and son and their growth through the years.

The second video is about how a seemingly uneventful and yet generous experience could have a lasting memory and powerful effect on both the original giver and receiver.

The third video is about keeping in mind what is important and living your life through kindness and caring.  I think many of us would either want to be the giver or the receiver in this situation.

Lastly, the fourth clip shows how the simplest little things we do in life can have such a lasting impression and memory to those we love unconditionally.

I really hope you enjoy my selections.  May you have a wonderful and memory-filled holiday season.

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