Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Simple Delights

Searching For Delight In The Everyday Things


During the holidays each year seems to try and out do the one before.  Retailers are always raising the bar by marketing and selling the next new shiny object.  Technology moves at such an incredibly rapid rate that there is always something improved that makes what we have obsolete.  I hear a lot of people complain that the holidays have become too commercialized and how stressed out they are for so many reasons.  Taking you back once again to the book Mind Power by John Kehoe – the obvious question is – what are you making yourself conscious of everyday with your daily thoughts?  Remember that in order to change your reality the first and foremost thing you must do is change what you are conscious of.


With that in mind and integrating the title of this into some suggestions, why not give the following a try?  Make a daily “surprise” calendar for yourself just like the ones kids use during this time of year.  It is usually shaped like a tree or house with all these different doors/flaps that you open to reveal the treasure of the day.  Create a list for 30 days or whatever feels comfortable.  Give yourself a keyword that will help find the delight in the day.  For example, day one could be about searching for delight in helping someone who needs assistance by holding a door open or paying someone you don’t know a kind word or whatever seems interesting to you.  Another day’s word could be about searching for the delight in someone’s smile.  Try focusing your attention on finding delight in the ordinary or in other words be mindful of simple pleasures.


Additionally, I suggest keeping a daily journal and sharing it with someone you care about, possibly an accountability partner.  The discipline will be light and the reward immense.  This practice can also be a way of growing the relationship and permitting yourself to be vulnerable, which by the way is always the sign of strength.  Remember it is not the oak tree that stands unruffled after a severe storm but the gentle blade of grass.


I hope you have a wonderful and delight filled holiday season.

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