Tuesday, December 6, 2016

BSPI Test Question 3

What’s Your Sexual Preference?


This is the third question in my survey and asks:
     3.     Regarding sexual activity, are you usually:
            (A)    the one to initiate, or
            (B)    passive and acquiescing?

This is the first question where a significant difference between male and females emerge.  78% of the men and 40% of the women responded that they are usually the ones to initiate sexual activity.  I personally think that these results raise more fundamental questions than it answers.  For example, are men conditioned to initiate and are women conditioned to be initiated upon?  If the answer to that question is ‘yes’ then what are the cultural, societal and familial messages that are being reinforced?  I noticed that if you combine the total number of respondents that selected ‘(A) the one to initiate’ that the percentages tend to flatten out – meaning that 53% of the survey respondents initiate sexual activity while 47% prefer to be initiated upon.  

Using the survey as a communications tool, have a discussion with your partner as to what his or her preference is, would like it to be shared, is it a major turn-on if your partner pursues you?

Remember the purpose of the survey is to have fun while being intimate with one another and find ways to make it pleasurable for you.

Take the BSPI© to find out more about your own preferences!

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