Wednesday, March 8, 2017

BSPI Question #12

What’s Your Sexual Preference?
This is the 12 question in my survey and asks:

12.  Does planning for your sexual activity:

(A)  arouse you, or

(B)   turn you off sexually?


This is the first question where you might be pleasantly surprised to discover that most people – women 80% and men 85% get turned on by planning for sexual activity.  Even though many people complain that there is no spontaneity in their sexual relationships, the majority appears to want to plan for sex possibly to make sure it happens.  When you really think about it, I believe most people get excited when they know they can look forward to something and when that something is sex even more so.  I suggest taking turns to plan, don’t leave it up to the same partner – you are both responsible for the relationship.  Introducing something new with your partner has been discussed in several previous blogs and keeps the relationship healthy and exciting.  We get bored and eventually uninterested when we repeat the same thing over and over even when that ‘thing’ is enjoyable.  By planning you build anticipation and you will really look forward to that time.  A word of advice – keep the time you plan sacred – unless there is a life threatening event, don’t let anything interfere with your time together and leave the cell phones in another room.  Consider planning when you both have the most energy and again make it pleasurable fun and intimate!


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