Tuesday, October 10, 2017

BSPI Questions #13

What’s Your Sexual Preference?
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This is the 13th question in my survey and asks:

 13.  Is sexual activity more enjoyable if you feel

(A)  emotionally connected, or

(B)  physically aroused?

 Some readers might find it surprising that more than half [60%] of the men surveyed want to feel emotionally connected along with 70% of the women.  Based on cultural messages many of us have received through the years, the thought that most men would connect sexual activity with physical sensations would likely seem to be the norm.  However, this question reminds us that there is a lot of unspoken communication that if taken advantage of could further enhance our relationships and deepen our bonds of intimacy.  On the flip side many would not be surprised that a majority of the women have connected the sexual with the emotional.  This should make us wonder if this is the case then what messages do women receive that are different from men in shaping their experiences of sex and sexuality? Use the question to explore your relationship and ask what it means to feel emotionally connected.  From a therapeutic perspective – not being emotionally connected is what brings a lot of couples into therapy.

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