Tuesday, October 24, 2017

BSPI Question #15

What’s Your Sexual Preference?


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This is the 15th question in my survey and asks:


      15.  Do you prefer to

(A)  outwardly express intense sexual pleasure, or

(B) inwardly experience intense bodily sensations?


Both men and women seemed aligned in their preference to outwardly express their sexual pleasure 63% and 60% respectively.  More than half of the people surveyed like to communicate to their partners the pleasure that they are experiencing.  This represents a positive direction towards an opportunity for a deeper intimate bond.   Learning what pleases our partner can be emotionally satisfying for both people.  From a love language perspective where words of affirmation fills your tank, then this expression is packed with a double benefit, one of sharing in your partner’s pleasure while having your own love tank filled.  For those respondents who inwardly experience intense bodily sensations, an opportunity is made available for you to share how your partner has impacted your personal pleasure.  Discussing how wonderful an experience not only strengthens your bond but also lets you relive the good feelings.

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