Tuesday, November 14, 2017

BSPI Question 16

What’s Your Sexual Preference?


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 This is the 16th question in my survey and asks:


16.  In your sexual relationship[s] are you

(A)  unsure of what you want, or

(B)  sure of what you want?


It may surprise some that ¾ of the men surveyed are unsure of what they want in their sexual relationships, while more than half but not as many women [60%] were equally unsure.  One reason for the higher numbers of unsure partners may have to do with how comfortable you are at communicating your sexual needs. 

Communication ranks at the top of the list of what couples struggle with the most when it comes to sexual matters.  Usually it is due to a lack of communicating effectively with each other.  As a sex therapist, this is what finally brought many couples to seek out professional help, when they can no longer deal with their issues on their own. 


It is interesting to listen how for so many, in the early stages of a developing relationship, communication seems to be so easy and comfortable.  It appears that communications run the biggest risk of deteriorating when emotional distancing creeps into the relationship.  Like weeds in the garden if you don’t tend them, they will over run your crops threatening a bountiful harvest.  Relationships are no different – they need tending to or they will fall apart.  Communication is a rich nutrient that keeps the relationship healthy and growing strong!


Men responded S=75 / D=25

Women S=60 /  D=40


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