Thursday, March 8, 2018

BSPI Question 22

What’s Your Sexual Preference?


This is the 22nd question in my survey and asks:


  1. In reading for sexual pleasure, do you more often enjoy

    1. erotic fantasy, or [I]

    2. real life experiences? [T]


      65% of the men and 47% of the women reported that they enjoy reading about erotic fantasy.  53% of the women and 35% of the men prefer to read about real life experiences.  This presents a great opportunity for couples to talk about what in the stories are arousing and to find ways to share in their partner’s excitement.  However, it also represents one of the biggest challenges for couples to share by being vulnerable enough to admit what is going on in your mind.  People fear being judged that if they reveal something they like in a story that their partner thinks is gross or distasteful that they will be viewed negatively.  A suggestion, if you are fearful of being judged negatively, then discuss that with your partner before you go any further.  Speaking of negativity and how it can translate into an unhappy relationship – in the book – The Normal Bar – 74% of the people surveyed around the world reported that the key to building a healthy relationship is to be happy, which translates into positivity!  Your challenge is to look for ways to inject happiness, appreciation and positivity into your relationships.

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