Thursday, March 1, 2018

BSPI Question 21

What’s Your Sexual Preference?


This is the 21st question in my survey and asks:


  1. Do you prefer to experience  

    1. emotional more than physical sexual satisfaction, or

    2. physical more than emotional sexual satisfaction?


      There was an interesting split in how both men and women responded.  It was reciprocally identical.   60% of the women and 40% of the men prefer an emotional experience while 40% of the women and 60% of the men preferred a physical experience.  The results of this particular item call into question the myths about men thinking that sex is always about being physical and women’s thinking it is always about being emotional.  This represents a real opportunity to open the discussion about our sexual preferences and what the experience is like for our partners without making assumptions.  For example, try asking your partner that if s/he prefers to experience sex physically exactly where in the body do you feel it and just not in the genital area?  If the answer was a preference toward being emotional, again exactly what emotions can you identify?  You can take the answers and use them to enhance, intensify or extend your partner’s pleasure when you know what s/he wants to experience.  It is a fun and intimate way to deepen the bonds of your relationship. 

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