Friday, February 23, 2018

BSPI Question 20

What’s Your Sexual Preference?


This is the 20th question in my survey and asks:


  1. When you are trying a new sexual activity, do you like to

    1. take your time and mindfully proceed, or

    2. jump in and go with the flow?



      Men and women responded equally to this question.  Approximately one third of the survey respondents want to take their time while the other two thirds want to jump in.  Research has clearly demonstrated that novelty is what keeps things interesting and moving forward in sexual relationships, so it is no wonder that many of the respondents would be interested in trying something new.  Even though the answers clearly indicate that we would like to try something new – how many of you actually make it a practice?  My challenge for you is to try something different once a month or every other month.  For example, you could consider trying anyone of the following or come up with something on your own:

  • Read an erotic story to each other and replace the names with your own
  • Try a role play where you may even consider dressing up for the part
  • Share a fantasy that your partner does not know about
  • Watch an erotic movie together
  • Take turns blind folding each other and stimulating with different household items like feathers or silks or food stuffs


And remember to always make it about – PLEASURE – FUN – INTIMACY!


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