Monday, May 12, 2014

Whats in your name?

I have a funny story about how I was named.  My parents were good friends with the next-door neighbors on each side of our house growing up and since I was the last of four children born, they decided to name me after the first names of both of the husbands.  What is interesting for me is how I have incorporated what I knew about each man into my life. 

The person for whom my middle name bears was a physically strong and meticulous caretaker of their house and property.  Mr. Walter Hohman taught me how to get physically fit using just my body weight.  One of the feats that I had seen him do as a child was to hold himself parallel to the ground while braced on a pole.  I was so intrigued by his strength that I wanted him to show me to do it.  Together we were successful and the following picture shows my ability to hold that position.

To this day, I believe I remain physically fit due to my association with this wonderful man and the fact that I carry his namesake with me.  Mr. Hohman unfortunately passed away many years ago at a very young age, but I am forever grateful for the time he spent with me and what I learned from our relationship.

My first name comes from the neighbor who was a successful businessman.  Mr. John Campbell was an educated man who rose through the ranks of corporate America.  I followed Mr. Campbell’s path into the business world even though he moved away from our neighborhood when I was a young boy.  I lost touch with him after he had been so gracious as to materialize a vision I had as a 12 year-old.  I wrote about it under a separate blog asking you What Is Your Vision?  Mr. Campbell impacted my life in so many great ways and I am still learning from those teachings today.  I am sure he has no idea as to how he impacted my life but once again, I am forever grateful that he did.

There are many lessons that I want to highlight as I close out this blog, but let me leave you with two.  My parents were insightful as to how naming me after the neighbors would positively impact my life.  As parents you do not need to know how your children will be affected by your decisions only that as long as they are made out of love they will forever benefit them.  Individually, you may not be aware or ever know the impact you have on a person’s life, but do your best to be your best and the world will be greatly enhanced by your presence. 

So what’s in your name?  I would love to hear your story.  Please feel free to share your comments below. 

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