Monday, May 5, 2014

Vision Essentials - After the Lemon Peeler

One of my favorites topics to talk to other people about is vision.   I know from my own personal experience that having a vision and never losing sight of it is part of the process in realizing it. Take a look at last weeks blog, titled "My Lemon Peeler" and you'll see why.  I have learned some really important lessons about having a vision

First, you do not have to worry about how it is going to happen, just don’t lose sight of it. 

Second, you need to keep focused on the vision and not the obstacles you may encounter.  I tell people it’s like learning how to water ski: where you look is where you go, so don’t look down! 

Thirds, is not to worry about the cost of your vision, in many instances it gets paid for by someone other than you.  It’s not like you will not have to make an investment with your time, energy and talents but I am referring to more of a financial one. 

Finally, the last essential piece to obtaining your vision is that it can be helpful to think of your vision from a metaphorical perspective.  It is like asking someone/anyone/everyone for directions [i.e. letting others know where you want to go], if the person you approach is not able to help you then they will usually suggest or lead to someone else that can, but you can never give up or you will never get there.  So keep asking, i.e. letting others know what you want to happen or where you want to go!

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