Monday, October 6, 2014

7 Habits of Highly Fit People #3 - Kitchen First

  1. Get started!
  2. End Goal – weight or waist size or body image?
  3. Kitchen first, gym second!
  4. Win-Win-Win by balancing nutrition, exercise and rest!
  5. Listen to your body – don’t over fuel it or over work it!
  6. Learn what others are doing and share what works for you – synergize!
  7. Learn as much about nutrition and fitness as you are interested in!

Getting your body in shape starts in the kitchen.  As much as I don’t like to admit it – the saying holds true – you are what you eat!  So dump the processed sugars, reduce your caffeine intake, moderate the alcohol or just try starting to consume water as your only beverage.  I know it sounds harsh but you just might be surprised at how much different your food tastes.  Explore a bit on foods that you would enjoy and that are healthy for you.  Rubs and spices can enhance the flavor to something you could really enjoy. 

I think one of the biggest problems people can have with this habit is in regards to taste.  Many of us complain that eating healthy does not always taste good or delicious.  This is one area that pays off with huge dividends if we are willing to research a little and expand our network to possibly include a nutritionist and/or consult with a chef.  

Personally I have learned to substitute spinach for all my salads and incorporate fresh fruits in along with protein sources such as chicken.  There are many great Apps for the smartphone to help make good nutritional decisions.

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