Monday, February 2, 2015

50 Shades break down

Unless you walk with blinders on and have not had access to the Internet or a bookstore then you’ve probably already heard about The 50 Shades of Grey  – with the motion picture release scheduled for Valentine’s Day this year. 

While it has been negatively labeled as “porn for women”, a better way to describe it might be erotica geared toward women.  What’s interesting to note is that words like ‘kink’ and BDSM’ have garnered the nation’s attention.  Granted they are not new concepts but the way they have been presented in the trilogy and promoted through social media has resonated with many people in long term relationships - married or not. 

So what are couples having fun with as a result of the 50 Shades phenomenon?

·       Bondage Play even though many women like the “submissive” fantasies, a lot of couples like sex toys and bondage gear.  Some fun products people have been playing with include: leather floggers, paddles, blindfolds, nipple clamps and Velcro restraints.
·       Fetish tape like the kind that Christian Grey kept in his “Red Room” for tying up Anastasia is easy to use and versatile.  Since the tape sticks to itself [i.e. no adhesive] and you can use it over and over, it can also be used to make temporary clothing like mini-skirts and halter tops plus the added bonus that it comes in really hot kinky colors such as red, black, hot pink and blue.
·       Role plays around power and giving it up to be just used for sex for someone else’s pleasure – giving up the “super-wife” image of being responsible for everything and everyone. 

What have you played with or experimented as a result of the ’50 Shades’ hype?  I would love to discuss the realm of options to help you explore and expand your sex life!  As a Certified Sex Therapist I hold the strictest of privacy policies.  Feel free to shoot me an email at to arrange a time for a confidential conversation.

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