Monday, June 2, 2014

Success = Put first things first

Building a business in a new state can sometimes feel frustrating and overwhelming.  Any business building can feel that way at times.

I want to be successful in developing two areas of business that I feel equally passionate about. One involves coaching executives to create, maintain and foster stronger relationships both professionally and personally. The other area involves working in a therapeutic setting to help individuals and couples create deeper bonds of connection and intimacy in their relationships.

Part of my daily ritual is to learn by reading something new and hopefully, useful in my life, either personally or professionally or both. Recently, I read Stephen Covey’s world famous – The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. While learning about habit 3 – Put first things first – he discussed an ingredient for success that he had read. He said that “successful people do what others who are not successful will not do!” As I thought about this statement, I reflected on two specific examples in my life where this really resonated for me.

The first area was achieving my doctorate degree. I know many people who were never able to finish the journey and enjoy the success. Unfortunately, these individuals gave up and stopped “doing”. After graduating, I researched completion rates for doctoral programs and was very surprised to learn about the high attrition rates experienced by many universities.

The second area that I reflected on, and one that I work at daily, is keeping myself physically fit. An interesting note is that others who have seen me recently have commented how fit I look. I attribute it to the fact that I lost waist and not necessarily weight. I was successful at losing my waist because of what I have been willing to do that many others cannot. I became determined to change two behaviors – one is to stop eating after my dinner and the second was to stop eating – what I called purposeful sugar products, e.g. ice cream, cookies, candies, cake…etc.

Being successful, like Covey reminds us is about putting first things first. If you want to achieve a goal, you have to take steps in that direction everyday – even and especially on, the days you do not feel like doing them.

What steps have you taken today to reach your goal of being successful?

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