Wednesday, February 8, 2017

BSPI Question #8

What’s Your Sexual Preference?

This is the 8th question in my survey and asks:

8.  Are you more sexually comfortable:

(A)  dealing with spontaneous creative stirrings, or

(B)   engaging in a pleasurable routine?


There was a definite agreement on this question, the majority of all participants across all categories preferred dealing with spontaneous creative stirrings.  The results were 70% for (A) and 30% for (B).  A good follow up question to know would have been: What percentage of the time do you actually engage in spontaneous creative stirrings?  While many people claim this preference, from a therapeutic standpoint many seek therapy because there sexual life has gone dormant or one partner has lost interest because of the lack of spontaneity or variety.  The research suggests in may fields related and unrelated to sex indicate that novelty is what keeps things fresh.  One suggestion I have for couples is that periodically take turns introducing something new and or different in their sexual relationship to keep it fresh and exciting.   So what do you do to keep it interesting?


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