Wednesday, February 15, 2017

BSPI Question #9

What’s Your Sexual Preference?
This is the 9 question in my survey and asks:

9.  Would you rather be considered a sexually:

(A)  hands-on person, or

(B)   creative person?

This is another question where the majority of participants were all in close agreement across all categorical breakouts where 60% preferred the touchy feely aspect of sex, while 40% preferred to be the creative person.  I think it is important to note and know your partner’s preference on this one.  Since our last question was about introducing something new and different into the sexual relationship, the creative person can be a wonderful compliment especially to someone who thinks or feels he or she is not very creative.  If you both prefer to be hands-on then find fun ways to touch each other that can be fun and creative.  For example, instead of using your hands, consider using silk ties or scarfs to glide over your skin and experience the sensations.  You can make it a guessing game by having your partner close her eyes and then using as many different tactile items around your home.  One couple I suggested this to used foods like noodles, ice, bananas, grapes, etc.  The idea is to have pleasure, fun and intimacy – so enjoy!

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